Monday, 4 February 2013



Well, the introduction post is always awkward. So, who am I? My name's David, I'm 27 and from the UK. I'm a writer and I'm looking to have my first book published on Kindle within 1 - 2 months. I'm also a freelance editor. So far, I've edited Red Gone Bad and Bound, by Lucy Pireel. If anyone is looking to hire me, I want to stress that I only really tackle the technical sides of writing when editing, rather than content.

Regarding my book, I'm looking for it to be a compilation of shorts, but I may just make it a novella if I don't feel the short compilation is of adequate size. It could take longer than a month or two as well, considering I'm not going to rush the book out. It'll take as long as it takes. And the stories need to actually be written.

Basically, expect this blog to focus on writing.

That said, I do like video games, television shows and movies, so there may be some posts dedicated to that as well.

Ultimately, I hope this blog will end up being helpful to others.

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