Friday, 22 March 2013

My First Scribblings

Today, I was given a sheet of paper with a 'story' on it that I must have written about 15 - 20 years ago. I would have been 7 - 12 years old, I guess, if I'm right. (I hope I was closer to 7, as I think I successfully managed to write something without any structure. ;) )

I couldn't stop laughing at it, so I thought I'd share it on my blog. I've typed it up as it was, untouched, with errors not corrected. Don't ask me what I was thinking when I wrote this either. As I'm about to start a story from scratch again that I want to eventually publish, I was suddenly reminded that even my poorer efforts these days aren't that bad.

Hope you have a laugh at my younger self's expense anyway. :)

                                               The Return of the Ghost That Kills!
                                                             2. The Worm People

I was having a boxing match with the champion. I beat him in one round. Then the ground shook and people fell off the balcony. Then I found something like a switch. I put it on.

Then a voice said, "I'm back! Meet me at warehouse No 21".

I went there and a thing like a worm grabbed my leg. I shot it in the feelers and it went under the floor. It charged at me and missed me and crashed into the wall. I said "Bye-bye worm dude!".

Next I got aphone call which told me to go to the airport and catch flight number 21. I got the airplane and I saw a man with a bald head with lots of scars on his face.

I said "Freeze. Police!".

He ran away and got a parachute and jumped out of the airplane. The police captured him. He banged the guard's head against the wall and the keys fell out of the guard's pocket.

"We had him and you let him get away, you clutch!"

We examined the teeth marks made by a vampire. So that explained the murder in the woods with no bloodstains. This was exactly the same.

Then the ground shook again. I said "We're surrounded by worms! Get the police out here".

My friend Eric said "Look! They're turning into more worms".

Then the baddie said he would kill my partner. I shot at him just in time. Then the roof caved in and a brick hit Eric on the head. It killed him.

The baddie got on a boat. I got one as well. I jumped onto his boat. He punched me and we had a fight. Then I jumped off and the boat set on fire. He jumped on the back and pulled my hair and punched me in the neck and I elbowed him off the boat.

I went towards where he had landed and threw a bomb at the guards and a knight charged at me. I did a flying kick at him.

He said "Enter and die!"

I went in and he told me to pick up my sword. He caught me on the arm. I smashed a mirror and he said he was defeated.

I said "Don't you know good always wins?".

                                                                      THE END

 (I think I was thinking of Conan the Destroyer with the mirror bit.)


  1. Apart from some repetition of the word 'then' this isn't that bad! Definitely shows promise, as my English teacher would have said :o)

  2. Great imagination! I wish I could find some of my old stuff. I remember a story about small animals that lived in the clouds...

  3. You're both too kind. :) But thank you for the compliments!


    I think my old english teacher would say the same as well.


    Pity you can't find your old stuff. It's fun to look back on, as everyone has to start somewhere.