Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Plot Teaser For Upcoming Ebook

I sent my short story to my editor earlier, so now the first stage of the waiting game begins. The second stage of the waiting game is when the story's submitted to Amazon.

So, with the story now done and there's no turning back, I now feel comfortable giving a brief plot teaser for the main story (a flash fiction piece is also included).

The Dead Should Stay Dead, which is a horror story:

Susan lives apart from her estranged husband, thanks to a car accident that killed their seven year old daughter and drove a wedge between them.

Susan is desperate to get her daughter back, her life not worth living without her. So, when a new shop opens in Alpine (a small, fictional town), she visits it in the hope that she may find something to bring her daughter back as the shop sells odd curiosity and magic items.

She does find something, but will it actually bring her daughter back to life?

I'll end the teaser there.

As for providing a teaser for To Take A Life, I'm afraid that's not possible due to the story's short length. If I said anything, I'd give the details away. But I do want to say it's not a horror story like The Dead Should Stay Dead and can be read by anyone. A major theme it deals with is the loss of a child like the main story (but grounded in the real world, unlike the main story).

Lastly, I'm going to need to redesign the cover sadly, I feel. The reason why should become apparent if you do read the ebook, as the cabin I had on the original one isn't really a big part of the story. So, hopefully I'll find another good cover. I really wish I wasn't such a chaotic writer.

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