Thursday, 25 July 2013

Future Releases

I recently released a second short story, at around half the length of The Dead Should Stay Dead, called Gus. It's a non-horror story, and more literary in nature, while being centred around emotion rather than providing an in-depth character study or an in-depth story. It also allowed me to offer some social commentary. There's a link to it up above if you click the short stories tab anyway and it's had one review, putting the current rating at 4/5 stars. Thanks again for the great review, by the way.

So, this leads me to my future plans. I'm not really keen on announcing future projects when they're in progress. They are quite liable to be abandoned, as my blog shows. That said, my plan for the next three months is to hopefully write a few more short stories and bundle them together. Hopefully I'll manage to do so, as the more titles I have out, the greater the chances of someone happening across my work. Also, I may or may not sell the new titles individually.

I also hope to release one story that is at least novelette length, 7,500 - 17,500 words, which would likely be in the horror genre. I do have another project in the pipeline that will hopefully be at least novelette length, but I probably won't get two done in that time-frame, plus I'm having a bit of trouble with it. You can see short excerpts from it in the last blog post on editing

So, in summary, I'm hoping to have at least 3 - 4 titles released in the next three months. But again, I'm not going to promise I will. The projects I mentioned here may change as well.

Thing is with writing is that I find it's hard to get something I'm satisfied with, hence projects being abandoned. I can't churn out 2 - 4 books a month, at 30,000 words each, like others do as I have enough trouble as it is being happy with a short story. 1) The quality would quite possibly suffer, which wouldn't be fair on readers. 2) I won't allow myself to, unless I'm sure they're of a high quality, even though I need the money because I care too much about my writing. 3) I simply can't work that fast, despite having no job at the minute, but that may change.

So yeah, hopefully I'll have at least 3 - 4 more titles available in the next three months.

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