Monday, 30 September 2013

Mailing List

Amusing. I've gone a long time without any blog posts and I now have two in one day. Anyway, I just wanted to leave one last, quick post up because I just created a Mailchimp account, so I now have a mailing list for you to sign up for if you wish, which can be found at, so that you get informed of any new book releases. If you click the link, the only thing that's asked for on the form for you to fill in is your email.

You have my word that any email you receive from me will only be to do with new releases. One email for each release, that's it. They may or may not be frequent, depending on how often I publish. Going off my current record, you'd likely receive one every three months. ;) But hopefully I'll fix that. The daily writing updates I'm going to be providing will be a start towards doing that.

Also, while I'm talking about the mailing list and new releases:

My current thinking is that when I release a story/collection over 7,500 words, I'll be selling it cheaper than I will a few days after release. That will allow you, if you're subscribed to the mailing list or follow me elsewhere (though I have to warn that I haven't posted on Twitter for some time and I'm not sure if I will again), to get the stories cheaper than others will as a way of saying thanks for being an early purchaser (I'd like to say I'd sell each new release at £0.77/$0.99 for the first few days and I did in fact say that before editing it, but I think it's best I don't make any promises on price points). As an aside, if you utilise facebook, you're probably best liking my author page there. 

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