Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Book Recommendation: The Perfect Player

Before getting to the book recommendation, I want to quickly say that I'm sorry I didn't keep the writing updates up. I wasn't too well for the last portion of October, the page views weren't occurring (so I didn't see much point in continuing the updates), and I wasn't really happy with the writing I was doing. I don't know what I'm going to do with Shifters yet. I wanted to stay positive, but as I'd worked on it for months, maybe it's time I throw in the towel for at least a bit with that project.

This brings me to a writing update for people who may be interested. I am finding that I've got my enthusiasm back for writing now and I'm hoping to have a free excerpt of my work posted soon, to keep people happy until I actually publish something else.

So, book recommendation:

I want to recommend The Perfect Player, by Devon Winterson, who is a good online friend of mine and I line edited her book. It's a dark fantasy novel. While I won't write a review, because it wouldn't be proper with having a hand in the book (as much as I'd like to), I do want to say that it's a really good story and the ending did touch me. As it's hard to touch me with pretty much anything, it's a rare feat and should say a lot about the book's quality. I say that as someone who's totally unbiased and such.

It's also her first novel, and she does need all the support she can get as do other authors, especially self-published ones.

The link to her book can be found here:

Amazon US

Amazon UK

And if you want to sample some of her other writing that's free, here are the relevant links:

Open Your Heart to Chance (This I do definitely recommend. It touched me like The Perfect Player did.)

The Deeper the Lust, The Sweeter the Flesh (Don't be put off by the title here. It's likely not what you're thinking.)

The free books can also be found on Smashwords, I believe, if you'd rather not get them from Goodreads.


  1. Thank you very much, David! :D

  2. You're most welcome, Kim. Just hope it does some good for you. I only seem to get 3 - 6 views per blog post. At least that's what the individual blog post view stats show.