Tuesday, 5 February 2013

I Have A Book Title

In my introduction post, I mentioned that I was trying to get a compilation of shorts ready for self-publishing. That's still the case and I now have a title:

The Dark Side of Life

So, why that title? Firstly, every story that I'm hoping to include in the compilation deals with different things. I realised it would be quite hard to come up with an appropiate title for the compilation, so I did some thinking today and it hit me that the title I mentioned above would be perfect, as all the stories have one thing in common. They touch on the dark side of human nature.

As far as the writing goes, one short is now practically finished and it is definitely short (more flash fiction), with a word count of 478 words (491 before revising, written a few weeks back). It's quite amazing really how you can see ways of cutting more words when it's already short, after you've had time away from a piece. And that is part of the trick with writing: Making every word count. Not using more words than you have to, while working within the confines of the style you've chosen.

As far as the other stories go, I've started one, but I already know this is not going to flow quite as easily and quickly, partly due to the subject matter and because it's more awkward to write with the main characters being conjoined twins. Then there's the plot, as it's not really something that flows quickly and just writes itself like the finished story did.

In addition, I can rewrite an old short for the compilation. So, that'll definitely help out with things.