Short Stories

The Dead Should Stay Dead


Susan and Brian Mackenzie lost their daughter several months ago and they are now separated. But when Miss Caroline Ley's Shop O' Curiosities & Magic opens in the small town of Alpine, Susan decides to visit the store in the hope that she may find something to bring her daughter back. Will she?

The short story is 3,597 words.

Included as a bonus is a flash fiction piece, called To Take A Life. It's 467 words. The story deals with the loss of a child and revenge. It's also grounded in the real world and is not a horror story like The Dead Should Stay Dead.

And finally, there is an afterword for each story, totalling 1,094 words. Bringing the total word count to 5,158 words.

It has two reviews currently, both on the UK store and both 4/5 stars.

The story can be found in all regions on Amazon. The links are provided below:


Gus, a former police officer who is now disfigured after being set on fire, is tired of life. His days are always the same, and he wants to end it all. Follow him during a mostly typical day of his life.

The short story itself is 1,713 words, so it is very short (half the length of my other short story). The afterword is 651 words.

Note: There is a fair bit of swearing.

It is available to buy at Amazon, with the links below:



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