Tuesday, 7 May 2013

KDP Select Results

I promised to write a blog post covering the results of my KDP Select promotion and here's the blog post.

During the 2 day promo, I gave away 63 copies in the US, 16 in the UK and a few others elsewhere. This was enough to send me as high as 24 or so in the US and UK rankings, I believe, for the short story category.

While people may forget about me if I take a while to get another story out, the one advantage it's given me is that people on Twitter and on a forum I frequent have been exposed to my writing. Hopefully they won't forget so easily, with interacting daily. ;) And hopefully the stories are enjoyed, so there's incentive to pay for a later work. Granted, I do plan on writing in different genres, but the next few entires will likely be in the horror genre again.

The promo also gave me two reviews, including my first on Amazon's US site (4 stars), which I most likely wouldn't have had. I hope there will be more to follow as well. One thing though is that some people have reported seeing a sales spike following a free promotion. I've not seen one, but don't take this to mean you won't see one, because it could just be that I've been unlucky, I haven't got other titles out there and because it was a short story.

So basically, it's got my name out there, even if it's just for a short while. I have reviews on some work now as well, for people to view when they're undecided on whether to take a chance on me.

Before I end the post here though, I want to stress that I won't be making many more, if any, titles free in the future. Certainly not any long projects. I need to earn a living too.