Thursday, 26 December 2013

A Christmas Drabble

A drabble, of 98 words, where a dog finds a new home, primarily written to test the waters on Wattpad. A drabble itself is defined as being a piece of writing of 100 words or less. And I got the idea of just quickly writing something up after seeing a post by Frenchie, a friend on Goodreads and Facebook, where she posted her own drabble. So, even though it was inadvertent, thanks for giving me the idea. :) I figured it'd be a good way to test the water a bit and get people exposed to my writing rather than waiting for a longer work. Also posting it here though as it's obviously not something I want to do anything with.

My Wattpad profile, by the way, can be found at:

Hope you enjoy it. (Please don't forget that my short story, Gus, is free on Amazon until the 28th.)

A Christmas Drabble

Snow falls. A dog, lame-legged, lies on a street corner. Fur partly snow-white. He looks up at passers-by with black eyes and feasts upon scraps. Either ignored or treated abhorrently by tormentors, he wishes for company. Someone to care for him.

Before Christmas Eve’s end, a father and his daughter pass him by, the daughter’s face red and showing disappointment. They walk by, but stop. The daughter’s face lights up, tugs on her father’s sleeve, points.

The father sighs, but smiles slightly, shaking his head. He kneels beside the dog, says, “Hungry?” and ruffles the dog’s fur.

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